Reset or deleting joplin

hey everybody, i have a question: how could i reset joplin and make it like i just downloaded.
so i want to delete the notebooks, key and profiles also!

Fully quit Joplin (File > Quit)

In a terminal type:

rm -r ~/.config/joplin-desktop

That will obliterate ALL your note, sync and setup data for good and when you open Joplin again it will be as if it had just been installed with only the default "Welcome" notes. There is no reversing the above command.

thank you very much!

are working a lot with joplin?

Yes, it is easily my preferred note-taking / knowledgebase app. I have been using it for a few years now and so I have experienced many of the issues new users face. I just try to share that experience to make it easier for those new users to get the most out of Joplin. Also the more questions I can answer here, the more time those who actually code Joplin have to "do their magic"!!


oh that is very great, thank you!

do you know how to make the text justified?

It depends, any particular text in Joplin?

Also how familiar are you with CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) code?

For instance if you want to justify the main body text displayed in the Markdown editor render pane, you need to add the below code to userstyle.css

body {
  text-align: justify;

If the above doesn't make that much sense to you, have a read of this wiki page which is intended as an introdution to customising Joplin using CSS.

well im an absolutely beginner with this stuff.

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