Resending activation E-Mail as token has expired

Hi guys,

I'm running Joplin quite a while as a docker container on my VPS. It is such a cool note taking tool. Yesterday I was setting up the SMTP options an as soon as it worked, the activation mail was sent out. Unfortuatly the activation token was expired. Is there a chance to send out a new activation token?

I am running Joplin Version: 2.7.4.



Just log in on the web interface and you can resend said email any time.

Unfortunately not. Here a screenshot from the interface.

It's possible when you log in as admin (Admin -> Users -> User -> Send account confirmation email)

Yes, thanks. Stupidity on my side. I thought my user is an admin user. Got it working.

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Perfekt, so then please mark the thread as solved :+1:t4:

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