Joplin Cloud site keeps reminding me to activate my account via email although none was received

As long as I log into the Joplin Cloud website, I was informed that "An email has been sent to you containing an activation link to complete your registration. Make sure you click it to secure your account and keep access to it." by a bar at the top. However, there was never a related email sent to my mailbox. I wonder what the reason is and how I solve it. Thanks!

Joplin Cloud or Joplin Server?

Hey there,

Thinking of horses, not zebras - could you check once more that the email you typed during registration isn't misspelled and spam folder hasn't sucked up the confirmation emails.

If it's all ok, let's see your email address and we'll try to figure out if the emails were indeed sent or there's some other problem.

Thank you for choosing Joplin Cloud :blush:

Jolin Cloud

Hi, thx for the reply. I have double-checked and have not found the related e-main in my inbox or spam folder. My email address is if you're willing to look into it further. :slight_smile:

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