Request: Enable button to go to the folder of a note

When I do a text string search, I get a list of resulting notes/tasks that satisfy that search. When you visit each of the notes, a blue button containing the name of holding folder is enabled. You can click on this button and jump to that folder. This is a great function, however it only exists after you perform a search. I would like to see this button all the time. Sometimes, while I am browsing notes in a folder, I decide to move that folder into another containing folder which is collapsed, resulting in me looking at a list of notes where I do not know the folder. This happens especially if I leave my PC on and come back after some hours, then I see a list of notes and the folder provides the context, but I can't see the folder name anywhere.

Thanks for your consideration.


Yep, it could be there in all cases.

You could add also 5 or 10 buttons for the 5 or 10 last visited sub/notebooks, like a little History, that would be very handy. Cherrytree does this, just for info.