Shortcut needed

Is there a shortcut to the notebook list showing notebook of active note?
It's frustrating having to scroll through the whole list to find the notebook that contains the note I'm working on.

You can just press Ctrl + Shift + S but it depends on how you got to the note.

So for example if you searched for "notes" in the normal "search"/f6 box then pressing Ctrl + Shift + S won't do anything other than change the focus so you can scroll up and down. However it does give you a link under the title of the note showing you what notebook it is in, clicking that will just take you to the notebook.
I suspect this is just because at that point in time the "notebook" is actually the search term so the original notebook isn't in the right context (i.e. the contents of the notelist show items belonging to multiple notebooks).

If you use goto anything (Ctrl + P) instead then it already places the notebook in context so pressing Ctrl + Shift + S will scroll to the notebook.
Same thing goes if you used an internal markdown link.


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