Search within folder/notebook

When a notebook/folder is selected, the search should be limited to that folder.



I am not sure if you are asking for a button specifically for this, but you can perform this search with:

notebook:<name> <search term>

Here's a list of all the search filters:


Thank you. I thought by selecting/highlighting the notebook in the left sidebar would automatically filter by the notebook folder.

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Disagree with the suggestion, and this would break lots of other workflows and functionality.

Suggestion if you need this type of search a lot: use the Favorites plugin's saved search feature to pre-populate searches with "Notebook: Notebookname". Of course, if you have a lot of notebooks that won't work well.

For me, I've found that searching without constraining to a notebook gets me my result quickly anyway. I suppose that's not true for all use cases, but it may work for you.


Totally agree with @mzguy and don’t forget Ctl-P command to search...

Is there a way to see which notebook the note is found?

For the All note and the search the notbook ist displayed in the note section.

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