Search -> Jump/Go to Note [Feature Request]

When searching I often want to go from a particular note to the notebook itself to find related notes.

KeepNote used to have a great feature for search results which was "Go to Note". You'd get the results, you could right click on one, select "Go to Note" and it would take you to the specific note in your notebook/folder hierarchy (auto-expanding them, etc, as necessary).

Be great if we had something similar, it would be a huge usability boost for me. Thanks!

I think Joplin already has this feature (if I'm understanding you correctly). When you open a note from the search bar, there will be an additional bottom in the top left of the note that indicates which notebook the note was found in. Pressing this button will take you to your note inside the notebook. You can see it in this screenshot (the notebook is called Midterm).


When you use wildcards this only works in the wysiwyg editor for me. eg "editor" works for both editors in split view but "edit*" only for wysiwyg. also you can't jump to the next instance if I am correctly which means in long notes you have to scroll a lot.

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