Request: button to show current note's folder in left pane

The functionality to jump to note's folder is a good one. The "jump-to-folder" button is useful for when I see the notes resulting from a search, I can click the button to jump to that folder which contains that note.

However, the "jump-to-folder" button sometimes does not show when it's needed. Here's my use case.
I have a subfolder inside another folder. When I click on that subfolder, I see the list of notes in that subfolder, and I see no "Jump-to-folder" button for any note which I click on. Now if I drag this subfolder into another different subfolder, which already contains subfolders and is collapsed (triangle arrow indicates), then Joplin moves the folder and repaints the display. The notes for the subfolder are still visible, none of the notes changed when the subfolder was moved, yet I am now looking at a set of notes which I do not know the folder location.

If that "jump-to-folder" button was visible all the time, then I could view that subfolder, in the same manner as I describe in the first paragraph.

I think that this may be similar to what I suggested to @laurent in this post. Not for quite the same reasons but similar nonetheless.

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