Request: dedicated bug fixing release

After the next major release featuring Joplin Server, I was wondering if the devs would be interested in a dedicated bug fixing release?

This would be a release where no new features are introduced, but rather some old usability bugs are squished instead.

I think a coat of varnish like this would really help keep new users interested in the platform.

That's already how it works. Once a non-prerelease version is released, it only receives bug fixes and security patches.

Sorry I might not have been clear. I mean a new major release where the only differences from the previous major version are bug fixes?

Honestly this is a coy attempt to try and get some bugs fixed without directly telling the devs how to spend their volunteer hours :sweat_smile:

Hmm I don't see the point to be honest. Fixing bugs is not something we reserve for a particular release and the rest of the time we keep bugs around, it's something we work on all the time on all versions. The software being reliable is always a top priority.

Although if you're asking for this perhaps it's because your favourite bug is not being fixed, but having dedicated versions won't solve this. Sometimes we don't have the resources, or just don't know how to fix a particular bug. Or it would take way too much time to fix it compared to the impact it has. It's all about prioritising.


I understand, thanks for the response!

Just a question. A bug related with the actual version 1.8.x could be fixed in both versions (1.8.x and beta version 2.0.x) at the same time without adding you to much work (test…) ?

We backport regressions or critical bugs, but otherwise we expect users to upgrade to newer versions, because maintaining long term older versions is not practical.