Apply semantic versioning

Hi dev team,

Thanks for your great work. Joplin is by far my favorite markdown noting app.

Here I’d like to request a “feature”: applying semantic versioning.

Months ago I got an update notification from version 1.0.X to 1.0.Y.
At first sight, I thought it’s a bug-fixing patch and installed the new version anyway.
However, that new version introduced some regression which was caused by new features.

It would be nice for users like me to update patches (1.0.X -> 1.0.Y) only to minimize update risks.
Meanwhile, other users who need new features are still able to update to a new minor version (1.0.X -> 1.1.0).


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In general regular releases should be safe to upgrade to. Pre-releases could have small issues but any regression will be fixed as soon as possible.

Introducing a different versioning system would make things more complicated and there still could be some regressions now and then, so in other words it won’t really solve anything more than the pre-release/release system.

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