New user - note lost

Hi - I just started using Joplin on win10 (v1.0.170) and android (v1.0.308) - I set up synchronization via dropbox and crypto.
In two days of use it suddenly lost a note from a notebook. Can this happen? Can I have deleted it by mistake? Unlikely: I’ve tried now and there’s a verification question “do you want to delete it?”
However, could a trash can be implemented?

Dropbox increases your chance of getting into sychronization errors.

But webdav is not without its problems either: Extreme slow sync of "resources"


Why is that?

(Not defending Dropbox, just interested)

Endnote is warning against Dropbox for their db. Sync race conditions, I reckon.

Thanks for that.

I looked up Endnote and it seems they are referring to keeping their product’s db in a Dropbox sync folder rather than linking the product to Dropbox itself, like Joplin does. This seems to be the case because they also say,

Our database products … were not designed for compatibility with this service or other cloud storage.

unlike Joplin.

So it is more an Endnote problem than a Dropbox one.

I don’t use Dropbox myself but it seems that if anyone does have a Dropbox account and wants to use Joplin with it they should not be deterred.

I stayed out of many many troubles bc of being very very cautious :smiley:

Bot, so, if you're right, so much the better. Thanks then for clearing that up.

But there still is the time consuming issue of syncing #resources Extreme slow sync of "resources" - #12 by Rado1

Which is not related to the OP's question from OCT19, not apparently specifically Dropbox related and is itself a thread ressurected from AUG19.