Regarding 'Published note displays "(r)"/"(c)" as "®"/"©"' (#7587)

I briefly thought about how to address this issue and came to the conclusion that the variant already tried in the two PRs (disabling the Typographer extension server-side) would probably just be another dead end. Namely, if people have locally activated the Typographer extension and expect this rendering also when publishing.

This issue is only of medium importance, but I could imagine that a new fundamental discussion about the synchronization of settings and configuration might be necessary. Specifically, I wondered if it would make sense to synchronize Markdown extensions across devices (including server-side on Joplin Cloud and Joplin Server).

Obviously, this would add new complexity to the sync process, but why would I imagine this would be useful? For one thing, the published notes would look exactly the same as they did locally, which is important to the end user for intuition's sake. On the other hand, I believe that everyone activates the same extensions on all clients after installation anyway. This "annoying" step (where I personally have to speculate over and over again during a new installation, which extensions I have activated on the other devices) would fall away through synchronization.

How could the server get the data? Either by "global" configuration, so using the very normal Joplin sync process, or redefined in each published note. I think the global configuration would scale better and be easier to implement. In both cases, of course, this information would have to be transmitted without end-to-end encryption.

It should also be discussed whether the data should be synchronized only across Joplin Server and Joplin Cloud or also across all other targets and whether the synchronization should be optional or automatic. Based on this, the next question naturally arises whether plugins should also be synchronized, but in my opinion this should be dealt with in another discussion if necessary, despite the probably similar synchronization mechanism.

So: Does anybody have an opinion on that?

To clarify: With "extensions" I am referencing to the markdown plugins and with "plugins" I mean the application plugins...