Pre-release v2.4 is now available (Updated 22 Sept)

  • New: Add Sync Wizard dialog (fe4900d)
  • New: Add a way to disable a master key (7faa58e)
  • New: Added "None" sync target to allow disabling synchronisation (f5f05e6)
  • Improved: Improved sync locks so that they do not prevent upgrading a sync target (06ed58b)
  • Improved: Place code-block background in the back in Markdown editor (#5322 by @CalebJohn)
  • Improved: Plugins: Improved support for fitToContent webview property (#5298) (#5288 by @Ahmad45123)
  • Improved: Removes markdown inline code padding (#5331 by @CalebJohn)
  • Improved: Split code block class in two (#5359 by @CalebJohn)
  • Fixed: Add more specific classes for CodeMirror elements (#5333) (#5327 by @CalebJohn)
  • Fixed: Fixed file paths when exporting as HTML (#5325)
  • Fixed: GotoAnything is not working on first try (#5184)

Thank you to everyone who worked on this!

  • Improved: Allow specific deprecated plugins to still work (f19c4ab)
  • Improved: Disable inline code background in vim mode (#5370) (#5364 by @CalebJohn)
  • Improved: Do not display master key upgrade warnings for new master keys (70efadd)
  • Improved: Various improvements to Markdown import and export (#5290 by @CalebJohn)
  • Fixed: "Move to notebook" would break with empty input (#5346)
  • Fixed: Prevent it from crashing with too long search queries (#5380)

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v2.4.4 is available. It actually includes a rather important change for E2EE, but since all previous test units pass I'm confident it should be a safe and even backward compatible change.

The goal is to add support for a single master password, shared by all encryption keys. For now it doesn't make a big difference (since most of us only have one key) but it will be useful when keys have to be dynamically generated when sharing notes - in that case there won't be a need to prompt for a password, as they will be automatically encrypted with the master password.

Like all sensitive data in Joplin, the master password is saved to the operating system keychain.

  • New: Add support for single master password, to simplify handling of multiple encryption keys (ce89ee5)


  • New: Linux: Add Centos 7 for no sandbox (#5401 by @geant44)
  • Improved: Allow disabling any master key, including default or active one (9407efd)
  • Improved: Api: Add support for "events" end point to retrieve info about latest note changes (#5199)
  • Improved: Load themes as CSS variables for use in custom themes and internal components (478d4ac)
  • Improved: Sort plugin results according to recommended property, and display Recommended tag (d97ba57)
  • Fixed: Handle invalid search index in Goto Anything (#5417)
  • Fixed: Plugins: Fixed import API (736bbbd)


  • New: Plugins: Add support for enabledConditions when creating menu item from command (9260b2a)
  • Fixed: Fix handling of disabled master keys when enabling E2EE (267c321)


  • New: MacOS: Added Cmd+Backspace shortcut to delete line (#5478 by Helmut K. C. Tessarek)
  • Improved: Display 0/0 when no search results are found in editor (#5360) (#5299 by Nikhil Gautam)
  • Improved: Do not escape content when copying from Rich Text editor (#5440)
  • Improved: Fire resize event whenever the layout changes (#5344) (#5233 by @CalebJohn)
  • Improved: Linux: Installer: properly quote variables (#5476 by @a1346054)
  • Improved: Support for user-data-dir flag (#5467 by @Marph)
  • Improved: Sync deleted items first to allow fixing oversized accounts (43c594b)
  • Improved: Update Mermaid 8.10.2 -> 8.12.1 and fix gitGraph crash (#5448) (#5295 by Helmut K. C. Tessarek)
  • Fixed: Editor max width was not always applied in Rich Text editor (#5461)
  • Fixed: Misinterpreted search term after filter in quotation marks (#5445) (#5444 by @JackGruber)
  • Fixed: Plugin onNoteSelectionChange() is triggered twice after a search (#5449) (#5447 by Kenichi Kobayashi)
  • Fixed: Underline was not applied when using Cmd+U in Rich Text editor (#5480)

I'll leave this pre-release there for a week and if everything goes well, I'll make it a regular release.


  • Fixed: Fixed Sync Wizard logo images on Windows (da88475)
  • Improved: Improved plugin search and installing new plugins from China (#5161)