Recreate sync folder

As reported in another thread I’ve found that a note on my iPad is different from the version on my Android phone and Windows desktop. I’ve also noticed for a while that some resources available on desktop are not available on either of the mobile platforms. So I’d like to completely recreated the sync folder contents. However, when I remove the items from the sync folder and then start up Joplin on desktop it starts deleting the items in Joplin as there are no items in the sync folder.

Is there a way I can get Joplin, instead of deleting local items, to create items in the sync folder?

Export all your notes to JEX format, then delete everything on the sync target, uninstall all the apps on the mobile devices and clear all the profiles on desktop. The reimport the JEX file and resync.

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Thanks. I thought that might be the way to do it so tried it late last night. The iPad finished syncing in a couple of hours; the Android took about 10 hours. Everything seems fine now: exact same numbers of various items on all 3 platforms. I think the numbers may have been different because of various attempts I made to use Dropbox, OneDrive etc for syncing before settling on WebDAV on NAS.