Question regarding to package-lock

I am a newbie here. I am not sure that this is the right place to ask this kind of questions. I am interested in contributing. I have a question about package-lock.json. When I ran 'git diff' it showed that package-lock.json is changed in app-cli, app-desktop and generator-joplin directories.
It showed that version numbers of respective files are changed.

So My main question is when making a Pull Request should I include changes in package-lock.json?
and also Is it ok to use code formatting extensions?

Thank You.

Unless you changed something in package.json don't commit package-lock

You can revert a file using the following git command
(For each package-lock file)

git checkout -- package-lock.json

Joplin will run a formatting in the pre-commit hook. If you want to use your own, only use it on code that you've changed. Pull requests that include extra formatting changes will not be accepted.


Ok Thank You so much for your help.

@CalebJohn in that case should we add these files into .gitignore.

No, these files should be commited after package.json is changed so they cannot be added to the .gitignore.