GIT for Notes?

Not a bug - just an open question. Would Joplin allow me to use GIT for synchronization vs dropbox. I far prefer the versioning support of GIT over dropbox (which effectively relies on magic - I do know how works but my versions are date based not semantic).

You could set that up yourself quite easily. Just export your data at regular intervals to a git repo on your computer, and commit/push. That’s what I do with a simple cron script.

Ok. Instead of an export is it possible just version control the Joplin directory? Or is there some funkiness at the file level that won’t play well with GIT.

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Joplin stores notes in an sqlite database, it’s technically possible to sync with git but it would resync the entire database for every file change which would be no good. Alternatively you can sync to your file system and use git to sync those files. But if you encrypt the sync target then you’ll again have the issue where version control becomes almost pointless (because an entire note file will need to be resynced for every small change).

That said, the simplest solution for you would probably be set a filesystem sync target (no encryption) and then set up some kind of cron job to do git pushing from there.