How to solve this "All checks have failed"?

I have made two pullrequests and both of them have this error.

I checked Travis CI and found that error is occuring in Mac and Linux.
On checking the error I found that error is occuring in this path


Point to notice

  1. I am using windows.
  2. I didn’t made any changes in CliClient
  3. I didn’t made any changes in two files but these files automatically changed somehow, so I thought it is normal and make the pull request.
    File 1: joplin/package-lock.json
    File 2: joplin/ReactNativeClient/package-lock.json

So for reverting changes in file I replace them with current version from laurent22/joplin repo, this removed ReactNativeClient/package-lock.json file from the PR but package-lock.json still exists now with more changes.

How to solve this error and remove package-lock.json?

Relax relax!! This issue is not related to your code it’s due to some old PRs Laurent is already aware of it.

Ohk! Thanks @kowalskidev

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