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Linux desktop recovery from .config

I installed Joplin in march of 2020 - probably version 1.0.197

My machine failed this week and the only backup i have is the Joplin directories in .config


Is there a way to recover these notes with only those directories ?

installing the current snap did not seem to have any mechanism to point at those locations.

will I have to build an exec at that tag to get a working version?

Any input would be appreciated I have been using Joplin exclusively and have recommended it to a number of people. I would hate to think this can not be recovered.



For those in a similar situation:

  • built the source tree at tag 1.0.197
  • did an 'npm start' on the electron client
  • determined it was using ./config/joplindev-desktop; then stopped the client
  • moved my joplin-desktop to that name; restarted electron client
  • all my notes are there!


The snap reads it config data at $HOME/snap/joplin-desktop/current/.config/joplin-desktop, general policy of snap and flatpaks is that they don't interact with general system state where it's not necessary and in the case of the snap it doesn't have the luxury of choice, but it'd likely read the data fine if it was put in that spot instead.

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And to close the loop with the final answer - installed the current snap

determined data is in :

replaced the joplin-desktop at that location with my backup

So - No need to build - tho that was a useful exercise

Hopefully someone will find this helpful.



Thank you JC - I discovered that and it worked like a charm!

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