Need help re-installing Joplin and importing encrypted data

Hi fellow Joplin users,

This is my first post and I’m hoping you can lend some help with some questions I have. Any help and input is greatly appreciated and welcomed :slight_smile:

:information_source: My Setup:

  • Joplin app version: 2.6.10
  • OS: macOS Big Sur 11.6.2
  • Sync method in use: Dropbox
  • E2EE enabled: Yes

Given how time-consuming and inefficient it can be, I have been moving away from manually and individually installing apps on macOS via downloading .dmg disk image installers. Instead I have moved all my apps to be installed, managed, and updated with Homebrew.

Joplin is one of the remaining apps that I have yet to “move” to Homebrew. To this end, I need to uninstall Joplin first before I can re-download and re-install with Homebrew. But I am hesitant to do so because I want to ensure the integrity and fidelity of my Joplin data.

:arrow_right: So, what steps and in what order should I follow to correctly uninstall Joplin (taking into account E2EE and syncing), and then after re-installation with Homebrew, properly import all my data again into all clients with E2EE, with Dropbox sync on, and with my settings+plugins?

Thank you for reading, and again, any help is appreciated.

Technically there is no "correct" way to replace the .dmg version of Joplin with the homebrew one as the .dmg is the only officially supported version - the homebrew version is not an officially supported distribution so any issues encountered with it such as its installation method or updates aren't something we can necessarily help with or solve.

I can't say for certain but in theory it should be as simple as taking your entire profile directory (.config/joplin-desktop) from the current version and replacing the newly created one that homebrew makes (no idea if it uses the original location or its own).

Thank you for your answer, and great point -- I hadn't thought of that.

Should I disable encryption before uninstalling? Then when reinstalling, I would just have to enable my sync method, and encryption by inputting my master password to get my data decrypted, correct?

To be honest my knowledge on e2ee isn't great as I don't currently use it so I'll have to defer that question to somebody more knowledgeable but in theory it shouldn't matter.

I think the most essential part is to make sure all of your notes are safe by taking a jex export and a copy of your profile, neither of which are encrypted (so far as I understand it) then, no matter how hard it may screw up, your actual data will be safe.

If you simply transplant the profile directory then it shouldn't matter as that should contain literally everything, it would be as if nothing actually happened.

Gotcha. I'll make a .jex export and transplant the entire profile directory. Thanks again for your assistance :+1:

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