Pull requests and commits failing on CI

If you create a new pull request, you might notice that it will fail on Travis CI. This is because CI is trying to download the signing keys from my server, which has recently burnt down with the rest of my data. I have a copy of the keys so I'm having a look at restoring this as soon as possible.

In the meantime, you can do the necessary checks on your dev machine - check that TypeScript builds without errors and that all test units are passing.


Sure, but I have a question. Does travis need a signing key for PRs or commits to dev?

IMO it should only try to retrieve them when you cut a release (use a vX.Y.X tag).

We try to do as much as possible of the normal workflow for pull requests, that includes building and signing the desktop app. Only thing we don't do is the notarisation process because it takes too long.

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Ok, thanks for the info. I do understand this for "normal" operations.

However, right now we can't sign anything anyway, since the keys are not available. Or let's put it that way, we wouldn't be able to sign anything without changing the travis config.

I'd just remove the signing for now until the keys are available again. But that's just me.

But no matter, I can also run the tests locally. It's just more work than commenting out a line in travis. :wink:

Is it though? Off the top of my head I don't know how to do it, I'd need to check and I suspect it's somewhere in the electron-builder config. Anyway we had failing builds before due to various issues, it's not a huge deal and it would be a waste of time to disable signing and then enable it again later on.

Don't worry about it. I can run the tests locally.

Come to think of it, we actually just have to check the Travis output. We can see the test results there.

On a different note and off-topic, but might be interesting to you: I've been running Joplin with Electron 10.4.0 and haven't seen any adverse effects. Just mentioning it in case you want to upgrade Electron at one point (and want to have some feedback first).