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OVH data center building has burnt down

I don't know if anyone here is using OVH but I have been with them for a long time (highly recommend them actually) and this morning I was surprised to see my server not working and Joplin notes not syncing. Turns out their data center caught fire this night and is very badly damaged:

It's weird to think my Nextcloud files and Joplin notes are in there somewhere burning. Thankfully my data is duplicated to various devices so I won't lose anything. It's a reminder anyway to always have backups. Even if the app works well, the server too, everything is secure and there's no bug, then it's the data center that can literally burn down.


All your data has literally been uploaded to the cloud now.


Impressive picture.
Long time user of OVH here too, almost 15 years.
First thing we did this morning was to check if everything was ok with our data. Luckily, we are not affected. We have backups but still, nobody likes to see this kind of thing happen.