Travis is broken?

Travis is failing for regularly on the Node.js: 8 Xcode: xcode9.0 config, with the error message:

Raw log An error occurred while generating the build script.

The other config is working fine. It seems to be not just on my PR, but on several others too.


happened to me too, (on translation changes) - glad to see it's not me, since this is my first time delivering translation directly on github :slight_smile:

This it out of my depths but as mic posted it, this problem will get the right attention :wink: .

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Guys I just tried travis is fine and working properly. Make sure you all merge latest changes to your branch before pushing. You won’t get any error. The error is because let’s say you make a branch and start working and after that some commits get merged to the main branch, there can be merge conflicts and also your heads are at different positions. So, in short, merge before you commit. You won’t get any error

It’s a strange error that doesn’t seem to be in our CI script, so maybe Travis had some temporary issue.

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Sir, I just tried its working fine, The error comes when we forget to merge latest commits. I merged the latest commits and the error goes away. I just made a PR and every test cases passed.

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