Provide web deployment support

I want to be able to use Joplin in the web, no matter which computer I have, I can access Joplin hosted on the server through my domain name.

It is recommended that Joplin provide web deployment support, allowing users in need to deploy Joplin on their own servers and access them through their own domain names.

A note-taking software that is truly off the terminal and hosted in the cloud!
You only need a browser to access your notes.
In addition, deployment on your own server also ensures security and privacy.

The concerns of this scheme are as follows:

  1. Safety.
    How to protect the security of notes caused by server failure.
    Joplin can provide related settings or scripts to allow data to be regularly backed up on designated computers.

  2. Cost.
    By web support, I mean that Joplin provides web support, but users need to deploy Joplin on their own servers according to the documentation.
    This means that users need to have or accept the corresponding server operations.

I don’t want Joplin to provide paid web services, so it is no different from everynote, and Joplin is open source software, and it is not appropriate to provide commercial services.

I hope that Joplin can provide corresponding support so that users can choose whether to build their own Web note service according to their own wishes and capabilities.

I really want to do it myself to deploy Joplin on my own server and then off the client.
Open Joplin’s web service in a browser, write notes and to-do list, and close the page after writing.

Something like this?