Profile in snap folder


after a reinstall of the joplin desktop app in linux, a new profile was created in a folder titled "snap" in my home directory. how can i redirect to my old profile ( ~/.config/joplin-desktop/)?


Joplin version: 2.4.9
Platform: Linux Debian

steps to reproduce

purged flatpak from my system
restarted the computer
joplin app was gone

The joplin-desktop snap will only ever write its profile in the snap folder and this can't be changed based on the policies on the Snap Store. Writing into ~/.snap allows for backups when the application is updated, and the ability to run multiple instances with different profiles without conflict.

The file/folder formats however should be compatible, so you should be able to copy ~/.local/joplin-desktop into ~/snap/joplin-desktop/current/.local/joplin-desktop and the snap would then simply work work with that data.

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