Correct way of moving notes directory

Hello everyone !
To start Joplin I am using the --profile switch like this :
/home/atomtm/Applications/Joplin.AppImage --profile ~/jop. I have also setup Joplin to synchronize to pcloud through WebDav.
Now I want to change my local storage directory , but I want to make sure that just by copying pasting nothing breaks/ gets lost.
Are there any best practices?

Make a backup
Exit Joplin (really exit Joplin. do not only close the main window.)

cp -a ~/jop /new/path/here
/home/atomtm/Applications/Joplin.AppImage --profile /new/path/here

Start Joplin


I didn't even know that -a was a thing. Does that preserve permissions or straight up archive it like a zip file? The help dialogue doesn't really explain it well.

EDIT: Did a test and it just preserves the permissions. Super helpful. Thanks. :smiley:

Also, I would make that an -av if @atomtm wants to see the output and make sure everything copies properly. :smiley:

In that case rsync is a better solution.

Also, cp would return a non-zero code, if something did not work during the copy process. e.g. I see the return code of the last command in my prompt....

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Thank you very much @tessus .That worked great !