Will Joplin in Snap?

Hi guys and the dev team.
I am using Joplin in Manjaro, but building a light-weight application like Joplin from AUR tooks waaaay too long.
So, same as the title, will Joplin has a snap version?
Snapd and snap packages can install in almost every linux distribution within a minute

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Hi, and welcome on board :wink:

the Joplin-x.y.z.Appimage does not work ?

Using wget -O - https://raw.githubusercontent.com/laurent22/joplin/master/Joplin_install_and_update.sh | bash will always get you the most recent version. It’s more convenient than manually downloading the file in Windows in my opinion.

Throwing random commands from the internet into my workstation scares the hell out of me. :wink:

Providing a snap could also have advantages for you. The simplified access could increase popularity. And you can also be sure, that everybody in the Ubuntu world use the same version of Joplin, because snap takes care of updates.

Just some random thoughts.


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Someone made an unofficial snap that does work fine: https://snapcraft.io/joplin-james-carroll

Of course you’re shifting your trust from a “random” shell to an unofficial snap, but I do prefer the automatic updates provided by snaps compared to appimages & the snap sandbox offers additional confinement.

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I build RPMs of Joplin and have for a long time now: GitHub - taw00/joplin-rpm: Joplin: a free and secure notebook - for the Fedora, Red Hat (IBM), and OpenSUSE families of linux

I just started investigating building a Joplin flatpak. I will probably announce it here if I am successful. I am not a huge fan of flatpaks and a worse fan of appimages, but they have their place. Flatpak is the leading standard right now (better design than appimage or snap) so ... we'll see. It will be a new experience for me. I may be looking for guinea pigs soonish. :slight_smile:


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