Portable Version: New sync target, how to proceed


I’m syncing to my Nextcloud. I will switch this Nextcloud instance to a new server. How to proceed with the sync? I`m using Joplin portable.
My idea is, to change the sync path on the master PC with Joplin. Sync everything to Nextcloud. For all other clients incl Android and iPhone I will deleted the portable version / app and just reseync new.

Will this work?

Or is it possible that I only change the paths?


This is a two-way sync. There is no master. If you change the path, it will delete all your local data.

I'm not sure what would happen, if you changed the server as well. It should recognize that it is a different server, but maybe this is only the case when changing to a different sync method (dropbox, onedrive, ...).

Whatever you do, please make a backup of your notes: File -> Export -> JEX.

Maybe Laurent has a definitive answer.

So any news on that?

Just copy all the data from the old Nextcloud server to the new one, then change the paths in all the clients. Joplin will see the same data so it will just sync as normal.

The files from the old Nextcloud Server are not available any more. I have my local Joplin synced with the latest data. This machine is up to date and must sync to Nextcloud again.

I tried to sync to the new server but the sync stopped telling me I should disable failsafe. Doing this it deletes my local notes. I made copies before…

If the data on the sync target is gone, Joplin can’t know if you’ve deleted all your notes or if it’s some other issue, thus the fail-safe.

In this case your best option is to re-import your backup in Joplin and then sync. The notes you would have imported would be new and so won’t be deleted.

You mean creating a new folder with a fresh portable exe. Then importing the JEX file and then sync?

As I can see the notes are not decrypted anymore in this case? Right?

Is the JEX Export a 1:1 copy containing all notes, formatting, links and attachments?

If my assumptions are correct, please drop a short confirmation. I need get Joplin working again:)

Am I right?

Yes, if you do it from File -> Export -> JEX.

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Are you sure?
I did an JEX Export from my “old” Joplin. Reimporting this JEX Export to a new Joplin Portable exe shows different numbers for notes, resources, etc.

Whats the reason for that?

The JEX export does not store the note history, but only the most recent version of the notes. Also, some resources might be not in use but still not deleted by Joplin due to a bug. So those dead/orphaned resources would also not be in the jex.

Ok thanks. Just want to be sure, that I have 100% of it back.

So that would mean if the export for example shows folder “test: 50 notes” and the original one says folder “test: 52 notes” there are only 50 notes in the original as well and the displayed number is wrong due to dead notes etc, right?

Notes and Folders must be the same. Resources and Revisions do not.

There are no dead notes, but only dead (orphaned) resources.

Laurent changed the sync status screen, so I’m not sure what the difference is between resources and attachments.
Until now I thought that resources are my attachments. And they shoul be the same, because I don’t use note history. But I have 45 attachments, but 125 resources.

Now I am very confused.

But the number of notes must be the same before and after. @laurent any ideas?

if you are confused, think about the user:
Let`s see what @laurent says

I didn't implement the resource list screen so I don't know exactly how it's filtered. Probably two different queries in two different places, but I don't have time to look into it.

I think you misread. I said sync status screen:

I see, yes indeed that’s not right. First, “resource” should be renamed “attachment” because that’s the term we use in the UI. And secondly the count should somehow be fixed or clarified. I forgot how the top count is generated but will check.