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v 1.7.11

I currently synchronize my noted on a local folder.

I have installed Next Cloud and i want to do two things:

1 - move my data to NC. I know what to put them. Can I just copy the folder from the old location to the new location?

2 - Do I just point Joplin to the new location and it will synchronize and the change of location will not affect things?



The important part is that the new sync target has the old data. If the new sync target is empty, the notes on the device you sync with will be deleted.

What's said above is right, BUT is only one way to attack the problem. Obviously, when you start using Joplin, create notes, and then for the first time sync to the cloud, your notes do not get deleted (because the target folder is empty). Use search, I have written about this before.


I did end up moving my files to the webdav folder on my domain.

But, when I went to connect via NC or webdav, neither account log in seems to work.

Is there something that I need to activate in NC to make either of these work?

I noticed a joplin server option, but it does not seem ready for regular use. I am not tech savvy enough to want to tweak my set up in case the software is not ready. For now, I'll stick with NC and webdav if they are still working.

Thanks for you ideas.


how (exactly) did you "move" your files ? did you move them inside a folder called Joplin ? It's really hard to help on so little information.
BTW no activation needed

I copied the files via FTP to a folder called Joplin, that is in the webdav folder.

Do I use the next cloud credentials, or do I need to create a webdav user? I did both, and they did nto work. Unless I types in the password wrong, I am not sure what else.

I did not mention the details about the files, since the log in failed, and I did not have access to the files yet.

Thanks for your help.


what are your sync settings?
I believe there is an option to sync with nextcloud which seems to be the "old" way if you use NC17 or before with the joplin plugin... new way is via webdav (url is https://yourdomain.com/remote.php/webdav/ and the subfolder if you use one, so e.g. https://yourdomain.com/remote.php/webdav/joplin/ )

I got busy, but I am back to fix this!

My settings:
Synchronization target: NextCloud
NextCloud URL:

Username: my username
PW: I entered my password

That's it.

What is this about a joplin app in next cloud? I need this? I looked at this, and it failed. I looked up the error messages and it is a complicated work around to make it work.

I could even try webdav. I've heard the joplin app is much faster, but, it does not install.


------------------error message from joplin------------------
Completed: 16/04/2021 17:00

Last error: Error: MKCOL locks/: Parent node does not exist (Exception Sabre\DAV\Exception\Conflict) (409): <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <d:error xmlns:d="DAV:" xmlns:s="http://sabredav.org/ns"> <s:exception>Sabre\DAV\Exception\Conflict</s:exception> <s:message>Parent node does not exist</s:message> </d:error>

Joseph, what is one supposed to do with sentences like this:
"What is this about a joplin app in next cloud? I need this?"
"I've heard the joplin app is much faster, but, it does not install."

If you need help, provide information needed to help you. If all you care about is venting some sort of anger, well - then do this too. If if you mix both approaches, it will hardly get you anywhere.
The problems you describe do look like typical "user error" of the impatient kind to me, not like bugs.

You don't need it. It is a deprecated plugin for Nextcloud that was intended to enable Joplin users who also used Nextcloud, to share notes. This is being replaced by the Joplin Server which is designed to be faster and is a totally different thing from Nextcloud's Joplin plugin. Joplin Server is still an early beta at the moment.

On Nextcloud go to the "Joplin" folder you created and press settings (1) in the sidebar
This will show you your webdav URL (2)


On my Nextcloud server (v21.01) the URL is in the format


(In my case it did not add Joplin/ even though I was in the Joplin folder.)

Try using the "WebDav" connector in Joplin rather than the Nextcloud one and the URL in the format Nextcloud gives you, plus the Joplin folder name (such as https://<url>/remote.php/dav/files/<user>/Joplin/) and see what happens.

I just tested it on a local test Nextcloud server and it worked.

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Thanks dpoulton. I now know that the joplin app is depreciated and will not try to install it again.

You mentioned going to the Joplin folder I created in Next Cloud.

I did not create mine in nextcloud. I created it using my FTP software in the WEBDAV folder. The web(like public_html on other servers) folder is a separate folder frot eh webdav one. My directories:
My file folder:
My webdav folder:
The url I have been using (and worked on a previous(older version) install of NC)use to point joplin to my webdav folder is:

Does my Joplin folder need to actually be inside the NC folders?

Thanks for your help!


Yes. I have never set up sync with Nextcloud any other way. You use WebDav to access your Nextcloud folders.

A Tip: If you use the Nextcloud account for other things as well, you can create your sync folder in Nextcloud as .Joplin/ or .Apps/Joplin/ (using a full-stop - adjust the URL name accordingly). You can then untick "show hidden files" in the Nextcloud settings (see picture above) and the Joplin sync folder will be hidden from view. ("Show hidden files" may be unticked by default so you may need to switch it on so you can create the hidden folder(s).)


I ended up using the webdav link from with in NC.

I tried using webdav credentials, and it failed.

I tried NC log in, and it worked.

I am happy that at least one fo them worked.

How can I make this folder invisible?

Thanks for your assistance. Your pointers helped.

The Joplin server, how will this work? It will be associated with NC, or it will be an app on the server independant of a website?



As you are using Nextcloud's WebDav feature to access files belonging to a specific Nextcloud account you will need that account's credentials to access it. That's why it worked.

As stated above...

If the folder you have already created and synced with is not hidden (i.e. prefixed with a full-stop) then please search the FAQ and this forum for changing the sync target before creating a new sync folder and syncing with it. Unless you back everything up and almost start all over again or copy the contents of the current sync target to the new one first, it is likely that Joplin will try to delete all your local notes when connected to a new sync target folder on the same Nextcloud server.

It is a dedicated server in its own right. Nothing to do with Nextcloud. You would install it on your own hardware / virtual server and use that as your sync target.

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