Moving Joplin Notes

Versiion : Joplin 2.5.12
Problem: Moving notes
Client OS: Multiple (OSX, WIndows, Linux)
Sync Location: OneDrive

My original Joplin sync backend was on a Nextcloud server I hosted. That server died and instead of trying to get it working on another Nextcloud instance I moved it over to OneDrive.

Is there a way to copy the notes that were in my old instance? I'd hate to lose everything I had. I can't find a document on how to do this so was hoping someone might be able to give some help.

Thanks in advance.


If you haven't lost the local data then the process of moving to different sync target it essentially the same as outlined here:

It is preferred way of moving to another cloud, but you also can copy your Nextcloud joplin folder to OneDrive. Although some tinkering to make it work might be needed.

Also don't forget to make backups regularly but especially before moving.

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