Problems syncing in Windows

I have Joplin installed on three devices: a PC with W10, a notebook with Xubuntu 19.10 and an Android phone.
When I create notes on the notebook or the phone and synchronize, they are quickly updated between them, but not on the Windows 10 PC. On the PC, the synchronization takes minutes and sometimes does not synchronize the last notes created on the other two platforms. Also, if I create notes with images in W10, when synchronizing in the other two, the text appears to me but the images appear as a download icon. I am synchronizing through Dropbox.

What could be the inconvenience?

Thank you!

It seems that I found the solution for my synchronization problem.
On Windows, I had “Google File Stream” synchronizing files to Google Drive, which may have slowed Joplin’s synchronization, so I paused it and at the same time uninstalled the Dropbox program, which was synchronizing the same account that it uses Joplin with my hard drive.
With these two things, the images you put on any of the three platforms are synchronized correctly