Android stopped syncing to Dropbox

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    Android 2.6.3

  • If it is a sync issue, please let us know what you are syncing with.

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    Android 12,
    Pixel 5

Starting a few days ago the synchronization of Joplin on Android has stopped working. The sync icon in the bottom-left is spinning but the usual "synchronzing" text is not there. No syncing acutally happens - I've even let it sit for an hour.

The cancel button is present but when pressed, it states "cancellng" but nothing happens.

In the log I see "maintenance: service is disabled" - is this part of the problem?

Hey there, thank you for the details!
Have you tried already reinstalling the app? I mean I realise that it's not "the" solution but at the moment it's hard to say what went wrong, so if it'll help, that would be great.

*a place to remind user about importance of making regular backups *

No, I didn't do that yet. It's my last resort. My Joplin DB is over GB and it's encrypted, so it takes a long time.

Does anyone know what this error in the log means, "maintenance: service is disabled" ?

As per your suggestion, I finally just uninstalled and reinstalled and now it works again. Thanks

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Here are two things you could try before reinstalling the app:

  • Have al look at your dropbox account, maybe the number of apps beeing allowed to access dropbox is already reached. For the free account there are only three apps allowed including the desktop sync client.
  • For me I several time had the problem that the joplin-sync-lock files where not removed. Have a look at you lock folder in dropbox:/Apps/Joplin/locks (login with your browser and have a look at this folder) and delete all the files you find there. The app then starts syncronizing normally.


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