Prevent automatic update on Android


I am using the desktop and terminal applications on Linux and the mobile application on Android. Because of the sync target update, I have noted from the forum that I cannot run incompatible client versions. My desktop and terminal are compatible. For android, I downloaded apk for the latest compatible version, v1.0.336 and installed it. However, the app immediately updates itself to v1.3.13 which is not compatible with the old database version. How can I prevent the android app from updating itself?

  1. Go to Google Play store
  2. Under the Installed list click Joplin
  3. Unmark the auto-update option


From then on it will ask you every time it finds an update, and you can say no do not install.

You'll have to uninstall the v1.3.13 and install the earlier version you want to use from the apk file from here

As soon as you install the version you want to hold, make sure you unmark auto update so it doesn't get overwritten in error

Good luck!

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