POLL: Your notes are mostly made up of what? TEXT, IMAGES or LINKS

When we create notes, the content of our notes are mostly made up of either TEXT, IMAGES or LINKS. i’m doing a study to know which of these dominates an average user note, so i will love to know which of these dominate your notes?

Kindly use the poll to vote. Thanks!

  • TEXT

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Attachments, actually (mostly PDF)

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You forgot to mention “MIXED”


Is this a usefull poll?
My notes are Markdown text. Links and images are also text in Markdown…

Yes it is a useful poll, I’m doing this to back up a statement I’m adding to my GSoC proposal, which is “most of the content in users notes are made up of text, hence introducing a feature like OCR will facilitate the process of adding more editable text to their notes via screenshot images/captured images with text”

OCR +1

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@Runo-saduwa next time you open a poll, you should also tell people when it will be closed. At one point a poll should be closed. 1 week, 2 weeks.

Oh thanks, it’s noted

Another followon poll that might be useful, especially for the devs: what do folks predominantly use Joplin for? In my case, I use it for more long-form documents. I’m even using it to write my novel. But also every blog article, all my prose and poetry. Etc. But then I use it to document everything else as well: technical notes, scattered ideas, etc. I haven’t used it much for web clippings, or trivial notes (I have a pen-and-paper notebook for those kinds of things).

Anyway, I suspect there is a good poll, or better yet, a good survey in there somewhere.

I use joplin for taking math notes, please add a poll for it too.

you may align with Joplin Features Evaluation toward a Roadmap for an Outstanding Note-taking App

As a user and a school student, i use Joplin to form notes and also I take pictures of novels that I’d love to have access to when I’m not with the books, because i use the vocabularies in books a lot, if will be very cool to have a feature that could Facilitate editing of screenshots and images , it will definitely save my time

My Joplin notes are usually composed of text, i do a lot of writing for research so I copy text from different references online, sometimes I attach images containing text because I find the text in the images very useful, but the stress comes when have to copy all the text in the images to my note, it would be nice to have a feature that could make this process much easier.

I’ve been depressed lately, I’m trying new things (like working on small contributions to the source code here), and I’ve been obsessively tackling budgetary issues because I’m addicted to overly spending money. Journaling my fears, thoughts, anxieties, and late obsessions, that’s been my usage the last few days and Joplin has been an amazing tool for just that.

That’s a great use case, how do you think OCR will affect Joplin?

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What is OCR? I’m not sure what that term means

Optical character recognition

Optical character recognition. its also called text recognition, its a technology that allows text extraction from images (PNG, JPEG etc), it extracts texts to an editable format

Thanks for the explanation. Is that what happens currently when i copy and paste a text message screenshot into Joplin and its converting to a block quote text here? It’s kind of cool but i don’t see it being particularly useful for my current needs.