How to create Joplin Roadmap?

HI community,
there as been quite some inputs and initiatives recently, in which direction Joplin shall move.
e.g. read

Are there any preferences in the community?

The question is - do we want to formalise this? Personally I prioritise things like this - bug fixing first, then security issues, then whatever I enjoy working on. If there is a roadmap, most likely I won’t follow what’s on it and won’t be bothered to update it. For me, I feel it puts on additional pressure to follow what’s there, and kind of takes the fun out of it.

Also when I look at open source project roadmaps, it always feel kind of sad - you have stuff that’s been there for 5 years and still no progress. At least if we don’t have a roadmap, we are honest about the fact that, while we are careful with the development process and know what we are doing, we don’t know exactly when anything is going to happen.


agree, but it could help to give some guidance.
We can make it a roadmap for contributors and could help in future sponsored programming programs. Moreover, you can have ideas funded through and to have second dev-pillar

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Perhaps but I’m dubious about the value that would be generated. It takes time to do all this and to review the code, time that could be spent actually developing the app. Also once a developer has added a feature and received their payment, how does maintenance work? Maybe they’ll do it, maybe they just needed the money and moved on to something else.

I’m not completely opposed to all this, but also not completely convinced that this model of development works well in open source, or that it is a good allocation of resources.

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just an idea I would rather discuss things here than across multiple topics, let’s see what the community contributes here

Is it possible to make community related tasks that have a roadmap while the official development stuff comes when it comes? For example, the community can take a load off of you with platform specific bug fixes and implementations when need be and have set deadlines for those while the main core parts of the development are chugging along like usual.

that looks nice

something to think of?

I’m new around here, but I fully agree with laurent. Now, everyone is free to add a personal wish list. And I see there are plenty of feature requests in here, so why add a bureaucratic layer and yet another task that requires someone wasting time on this instead of something useful?


as long as you keep track of these wished it can be handled like this but a certain point your are just sick and tired of this.
It does not have to be bureaucratic if it is well integrated in the current process. There we some attempts by community members, merging them could maybe not, who knows but improving the UX around Joplin not only in Joplin is not bad either.
If we are going a significant increase of contributors after the GSoC Season it might be worth thinking about it…


So you can have your own list with the aspects that you are programming into Joplin. There is NO need to have a list for the whole app. Only the parts that you think are worthy of your time when you program for the app.

I have one objection with this: unless you’re willing to create and support a personal fork, this isn’t viable for the project as a whole since others will be using Joplin. A personal list wouldn’t be too valuable if no one else wants the features you want since that’s where many of the features come from here.

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if you want to join programs like Google Summer of Code you need a kind of road map otherwise coordination is doomed.
If it is only one or two person mainly maintaining the app it is not necessary but at certain group size you need share common idea

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I get that is your pet project and you are finding reasons as you go along. So I am going to stop here.


It’s a Joplin project, not a pet project. Pack was voted as the one to head it since he has the best idea of how to go about it and is better at the people side of things, but it’s not his project. Please get that part right.

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Oh, aggressive too. But I get it, it is your playground and I’m the new one.

Welcome to the Joplin community. I’m not sure what all started this but making assumptions on either side here isn’t going to do anyone any good. Laurent has the main say here since it’s at its core his project and disagreeing is fine. Hell, I disagree with many of the project’s decisions at times but i try not to be disrespectful about it. The overall project has great ideas and goals, so that’s enough for me. :wink: