Poll: What's the size of your note collection?

Help > Synchronisation Status gives quite a detailed breakdown.

Thanks. I think it only counts notes that you have synchronized. I've getting familiar with the Joplin API that can query the Joplin desktop app directly for metrics. That should do what I want.

@majorgear I tried something similar: joppy/note_stats.py at fc7244632ea2ac09c25d71f42b83947fb3532639 · marph91/joppy · GitHub. It collects note count, word count and the most common words. Could be a starting point for your use case.


Nice. I got my note count down from 11k to 3.5k notes, so ...progress! I'm hoping that when I delete a note, it also deletes attached files that aren't referenced by anything else. But I don't know if that is the case.

I'll check out your script for the next time I need stats on my notes collection.

How do we find total number of notes?

Help > Syncronistation Status

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Oh Wow. There's lots of cool stuff there. Folders that look really interesting!
So, 3591 items
151 folders
4113 resources
5589 notetag!?
261 tags
total: 14221

I'm new to Joplin. As I haven't set up a properly configured sync server I use Joplin in test mode.

My database of eight years of Evenote use is a 40 Gbyte with some 20.000 notes, from webclips to receipts as I used it for a nomber of tasks. So I expect that Joplin will grow as much in the future.

Dropbox is fine with the phone but i have problems with the iPad and the size of my Dropbox is limited, in the future I'll put the data on a NAS

I recommend setting up sync even while testing.
Syncing that many notes will currently take a long time.
Unless you make thousands of changes between synchronizations, it won't be a problem after the first sync; I'm just mentioning it so you don't get unpleasant surprises later.

I haven't imported all notes in the test setup. I have imported just a notebook and I create new notes on a different notebooks that I can export and import every time. When I have a Joplin Terminal server running and the sync it's not an issue, I would select wich notebooks I sync.

Syncing selected notebboks on different devices it's one idea to set up.

If you mean selective sync, as in only syncing some notebooks on some devices - you can't do that.
(You can create different profiles and switch between them, though.)

I understand that this is the only way to do it by now.

A plugin to see the size of the biggest notes would be pretty handy I think. Is there such a thing?