Poll: Import / Paste

What options would you like? Please do suggest

  • Importing and pasting CSV both
  • Pasting CSV only as MD table

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Just trying to get community suggestions

Has voting already closed?

Can you explain what the difference is between importing and pasting CSV? I really don't understand.

agree, @coderrsid you have to provide some more details (e.g. images) what it means to allow even unexperienced user what is meant here

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  1. Importing CSV means if the user have a big csv data and unable to copy paste and wanna instead import that by selecting the file from their hard disk in Joplin.

  2. Pasting CSV means that you can select the csv data and copy paste directly into Joplin using 'Paste Special'

Ohhhh! Now I see. So the end product would be exactly the same then, eh?

Is there such a thing as a dataset that would be too large for the clipboard? If it was, I can't imagine that a Joplyn note would be a suitable way to keep it.

Thanks for following up! And thanks for your work on the plugin.

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Yeah, as much as i've seen in 2 years working with Joplin. There's always gonna be a user which will be using the feature extensively and it breaks, so i'm considering all ways possible, so plugin doesn't break for any user experience.

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