Plugin: Csv Import

I looked for a plugin which makes it possible to copy / paste tables from a spreadsheet program like Excel to Joplin, but I didn't find one. So I wrote this little plugin.

You have the possibility to:

  • Import an existing Csv file, just use File - Import - CSV
  • Paste Csv text from the clipboard, just use Edit - Paste Csv

Both contents are inserted as Joplin (MD) table at the current insertion point.

For more information, look here.

Hopefully you'll find this useful.


I just found an existing plugin which does the same. So maybe this plugin is superfluous. The next time I should look more carefully.

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To be fair, there are a TON of plugins and new ones all the time. Someone is working on having categories for plugins so it might be easier for everyone, not just developers, to find existing plugins.

I appreciate your contribution, even if it might be a duplicate.