Week 2


This week hasn't been much productive due to some errors i faced on my local machine on the latest dev branch of Joplin and wasn't able to do much of plugin at the starting half of week.


  • Faced errors on dev branch to run on my machine
  • Discussed with mentors personally and the forum to check how can we resolve errors faced.
  • Tested different packages which was mentioned in proposal.

Gonna be completing this part of conversion from csv to md table in the 3rd week only and add testing accordingly.

As I understand you were trying to build the dev branch in order to access the clipboard plugin API. However to give a clearer picture I should note that you were told several times that you didn't need this API to work on your project:

18 June:

in the meantime you can look at other parts of the project

19 June:

In the meantime, please could you go back to working on the plugin? You can assume that an API joplin.clipboard.readText will be available

20 June:

but you know you can already do a lot, pretty much the whole plugin, without this. You can fake the clipboard.readText call, and write the rest of the logic. Do the tests for CSV to Markdown conversions, try the library, prepare the structure to support multiple Paste Special types, etc.

21 June:

you can work on your plugin without the plugin API being ready. To put it more plainly, in your code somewhere you should have a call like this: [...] And once you have this, you can pretty much do the entire plugin, including tests, etc.

22 June

- But i should be able to build the app again at some point too right?
- No

Of course it's up to you to take on board or not what your mentors suggest, but the end result is that you spent many days failing at doing something that you didn't need to do.

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Yes, i was working on those parts only you suggested laurent. That's why i'm kinda done with this feature of creating csv to md table in this week 3. Just need to prepare more test cases and write them as told in the dev-test branch of repo.