Plugin: Sidebar plugin bundles [v0.5.5][2023-04-09]

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  1. Add: auto completion for tags and project of task items. #20
  2. Add: quick ref and cite: #19
    1. @ref to quickly insert a markdown link to Joplin note
    2. @cite to quickly insert a markdown link to your papers
  3. Allow to create paper note in current folder or not #17
  4. Change:
    1. Improve paper notes requesting logic to avoid frequent requests to Zotero server
    2. Fix paper notes updating problem when switching to different paper options in Paper sidebar #24
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I have an idea for a feature request (I've no idea how possible this is btw, just spitballing)

I really like the daily note feature and it's great for bullet journalling, however my template has gotten more and more complex over time and having just a one line box for inputting the template is annoying

I had an idea that the plugin to check to see if the templates plugin was also installed and would call that one first if it exists (and if the user said to use it in the settings)

So instead of currently
Click daily note calendar > New note dialogue > Open new note
instead it goes
Click daily note calendar > New note dialogue > Open note template dialogue > Open new note

How do you feel about this idea?

I am not sure if Joplin supports inter-plugin communication. I haven't seen any documentation regarding this. But I guess we can approach it from the configuration perspective. I haven't installed the template plugin, but if its templates are also stored in the configuration, perhaps we can directly access the existing templates.

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Did some more digging and it looks like the templates plugin creates the dialogue using a registered command, I don't know if one plugin can access another's commands (I assume they can since it's all done through the same joplin.commands class) but they can defintely be executed internally without needing to be associated with a button or anything...

Also, unrelatedly, I was using the papers plugin from the bundle recently and it's super handy but I was hoping you could make two small changes:

  1. Can the @cite popup respect the current theme? The white box is very bright against my background (and the font is very small)
  2. Can the @cite searching be made to be case insensitive? It's not a massive inconvenience but some papers are Title Cased and some are just Upper case on the first word so remembering which are which is hassle

Is it possible to support background themes other than Joplin's built-in themes?
I have install "ReMoods Theme" this plugin, but plugin bundles this plugin not support ReMoods color

Sorry, but I have no idea how to implement this feature. The background color of the plugin comes from a css color variable set by Joplin. When switching light/dark theme, Joplin will set the variable to a new value so that this plugin can also change the background color. However, "ReMoods Theme" creates a new variable to modify the joplin style, which overrides the original theme.

It seems unlikely to be possible..
thank you

I noticed that the outline plugin is collapsible outline, can it be implemented here?
Thank you. :wink:

Is there a way to make the Outline follow the Mouse cursor Position are following the wheel scrolling in the editor?

Note: following works, but it's not scrolling with the editor.