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Displaying plugins by topic?

I noticed that there are now more than 80 plugins in the repository. I'm wondering if there isn't a better way to display them than by just an alphabetical sort. I know that categorizing them is sometimes rather subjective, but I don't think we should let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

So for my own curiosity, I went ahead and tried to sort them by topic. I have no idea how something like this might be administered. Relying on developers to offer a category would be better than nothing, but it seems like having some control might be good. Is this a possibility through npm?

And a big thank you for everyone who has made plugins and core Joplin!

Name Description Category sub topic
Attaché Your attachment updater. Mass replacement of Joplin attachments (resources) such as resized image files, current music playlists, and any other attachments you need to one-off or regularly update within Joplin. administration attachments
Disable PDF Disables the PDF preview (and export) in Joplin for better performance administration
Simple Backup Plugin to create manual and automatic backups. administration
Victor Victor can be used to clear all your data - notes, notebooks, attachments, tags, etc. Convenient to start over. administration
Resource Search Plugin Search in Attached Resources attachments search
Conflict Resolution A plugin that makes process of resolving conflicts easier. developer
Get Notebook ID Copy/Show the ID of a notebook. For developers. A regular user won't need this. developer
Better Markdown Viewer Keep Cursor Synced Between Editor and MD Viewer display
CodeMirror Line Numbers Enables line numbers for CodeMirror editor display
Rich Markdown Helping you ditch the markdown viewer for good. editing markdown editor
Insert Date Adds a button to insert the current date (without time) into the editor. editing
Note Variables A plugin to create variables that can be accesed through all the notes. editing
Paste Special A plugin used to paste special text into Joplin editing
Table Formatter Plugin Format the table under the cursor in Markdown editor editor tables
BibTeX Use locally stored BibTeX files to integrate citation into Joplin integration citations
Email Note Send a note as an email integration email, export
Export To SSG Export a collection of notes to static site generator project. integration export
Pages Publisher Generate static blog website from your picked Joplin notes, and publish to Github Pages, with a few mouse clicks. Support preview in local integration export
Bible Quote Quote the bible direct in text editor integration
Jira Issue Retrieve Atlassian Jira issues information using their api in order to track the status of them from your Joplin notes. integration
Joplin Anki Sync Bidirectional sync between Joplin and Anki integration
joplin-hackmd Quick share notes on HackMD integration
NLR 将joplin在记笔记的同时,变成一个网文小说阅读器,a chinese net literature downloader and reader plugin for joplin. integration
PlantUML2 Render PlantUML diagram inside your Joplin notes. integration
Home Note Plugin to open a choosen note each time joplin starts. It is like homepages on browsers. interface homepage
Quick Goto Switch to designated notes using keyboard shortcuts interface shortcuts
Note Tabs Allows to open several notes at once in tabs and pin them. interface tabs
Menu items, Shortcuts, Toolbar icons Additional menu items, shortcuts, and toolbar icons, which are not part of Joplin core interface toolbar
Note list and sidebar toggle buttons Adds buttons to toggle note list and sidebar interface toolbar
Favorites Save any notebook, note, to-do, tag, or search as favorite in an extra panel view for quick access. interface
Folding in Code Mirror Editor Allows to fold parts of markdown text displayed in editor interface
Notes Station Import This plugin imports notes from QNAP Notes Station interface
Outline Outline (TOC) sidebar plugin for joplin. interface
Persistent Editor Layout Save the editor layout (editor/split view/viewer/rich text) for each note separately with custom tags. interface
Kanban Flexible kanban board plugin for all your tasks kanban
Autolinker Adds an icon to the toolbar. When clicked, it creates a link to the note with a title matching the selected text. linking interface
Automatic Backlinks to note Creates backlinks to opened note, also in automatic way linking
Copy Anchor Link Add a link icon near each heading. Copy Joplin markdown link of the specific heading to clipboard when click on the icon. linking
Copy link to active note Adds entry to right click menu in editor to get link to active note linking
Create and go to #tags and @notebooks Go to tag,notebook or note via links or via text linking
Embed Search Embeds list of links specified by search inside of note linking
Joplin User Link Plugin A Joplin plugin for custom links, like jump://?query=blabla. linking
Make All Links Searches the current note for mentions of other notes, then makes the corresponding links. Just click the new icon in the toolbar. linking
Note Link System A complete Link System for Joplin. Referrer(aka. backlink), Quick Link, Copy Anchor, and much more feature linking
Quick Links Create links to other notes linking
Admonition markdown extension Enables markdownIt admonition plugin, which enables formatting notes markdown enhancements
Container with Classes Plugin for creating block-level containers with classes for customization markdown enhancements
Quick HTML tags Create quick HTML tags. markdown enhancements
Rubi and Furigana Commands that insert appropriate and tags to formatted text to display furigana. markdown enhancements
Spoilers Create inline spoilers and spoiler blocks with title and extendable body. markdown enhancements
Hotfolder Monitors a locale folder and import the files as a new note. note management import
Combine notes Combine one or more notes note management
Complete Link This plugin adds an icon to the toolbar. When clicked, it completes the selected text into a note title (in a markdown link). note management
Convert Text To New Note Converts highlighted text to new one in same folder note management
Link Graph UI Visualize the connections between Joplin notes. note management
Note Statistics Plugin to get note statistics note management
OCR offline OCR auto/manually for images, videos, pdf documents in your Joplin notes note management
Quick Move Collection of commands to quickly move notes to other notebooks. note management
Random note Opens a random note from your vault note management
Semantically Similar Notes Show user which notes are semantically similar to the one they are looking at note management
Send snippet to different note Sends snippet of text to any other note from any notebook note management
Untagged This is a joplin plugin to find notes and todos without a tag. note management
Day Review This plugin adds an icon to the toolbar. When clicked, it makes a review of the day's created/updated/completed notes and todos. note management ?
Automate Notes Finds blocks of javascript in the current note (blocks have to start with javascript" and end with ") and runs it as a function. rendering javascript
Note overview A note overview is created based on the defined search and the specified fields. rendering note management
Markdown table calculations Plugin for automatic calculations of markdown table formulas. rendering tables
Markdown Table: Colorize Add colors to markdown table syntax to help distinguish different columns rendering tables
Markdown Table: Sortable Add the ability to sort rendered tables on the fly rendering tables
ABC Sheet Music Plugin Turns ABC text notation into sheet music rendering
Math Mode Turn your notes into a powerful calculator with inline math. rendering
turnToChart Transform markdown table into d3js chart rendering
embedded tags embeded tags tagging
Inline tags Inline tags plugin tagging
Tagging Plugin to extend the Joplin tagging menu with a coppy all tags and a tagging dialog with more control. (Formerly Copy Tags). tagging
Tags Generator Plugin for Joplin which can be used to extract keywords from note and assign them as a note's tags tagging
Templates This plugin allows you to create and use templates in Joplin. templates
GitHub Theme Joplin theme with colors of GitHub theme
macOS theme Native looking macOS theme for Joplin. Also works on non-macOS devices. theme
White Theme A white theme for joplin theme
Agenda An agenda/calendar/schedule panel for joplin that shows all uncompleted to-dos with a due date. todo
Metis A Simple Task Manager Plugin for Joplin based on Todo.txt Specification todo
Repeating To-Dos A powerful and comprehensive plugin for to-do repetition/recurrence todo

That would indeed be a good idea and it would help to browse the plugins, however currently we don't have any category info in the plugin manifests. We have keywords (used in search) but those can be set to anything by the plugin developers so we probably can't derive a category from it. So I guess we'd need to add a new field and create a number of pre-defined categories.

Actually would you mind copying your post to GitHub so that we have some place to track this?

My pleasure. Feel free to edit it once it is there.

Hmm. I'm not sure where to put it. When I go to issues I see this screen:

Selecting Feature requests brings me back to the forum.

Should I make it as a bug report and then you can convert it later?

Right, yes please create a bug report and we'll label it properly once it's there.

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