Plugin: Recent notes, shortcuts, scratchpad, and .... in a single sidebar

Ok, great (merci !). Let's keep "rétroliens" for the translation (@benlau)

hi @blank , @bepolymathe

Thank you!

The 0.1.3 version released.

New Features

  • Added expand and collapse button for each tool
  • If a note is a todo, it will show a checkbox before each note link
  • Support translation: en, zh, fr
  • Experimental Feature:
    • Sort selected text (Disabled by default)

Sort Text

This feature adds a "Sort text..." on the context menu (press right-click to trigger) to sort the selected text. You may use it to move finished todo to the bottom of the list.


It is an experimental feature that is not enabled by default. Open the "Perference", find DDDot, tick the "Enable sort text", and then restart the Joplin to take effect.


Hi @benlau , could you provide some options for customizing the colors? The scratchpad seems too bright within my custom dark theme. I expect to edit the elements below:

  • Scratchpad background color
  • Scratchpad text color
  • Scratchpad caret color (the flashing vertical line while typing)
  • The plugin background color


I have released a 0.1.4 which support to change the scratchpad to a dark theme. Could you set your theme to any kind of dark theme and see does it look better?


Thank you @benlau ! It's now much better than before! It would be an advance if you could provide custom CSS properties on the options page, just like what the "Note tab" plugin does.

Nacandev This design is stunning! Would you mind sharing the CSS? Was it inspired by something else or is it entirely original?

UPDATE: Never mind, I found the GitHub page. I tried to post the link here but Discourse won't let me. :thinking:

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Looks great on the Ohmine Dark Theme.

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hi @johano

0.1.5 released. Now it is able to create a shortcuts to notebook :slight_smile:

The release note:

New Features

Scratchpad - Support resizing the height by dragging the bottom line
Shortcuts - Support storing a shortcut to Notebook


Thank you, @benlau

Very useful additions, and both working well here.

Joplin 2.8.8 (prod, linux)

For me, this is nice just for the recent note list. I've always had issues with Joplin's notebook navigation system wherein it doesn't include the notes from child notebooks in the note list like some other app might. This doesn't fix that, but any "buff" to note navigation is a plus in my book. :+1:

The "sort text" feature doesn't fit the theme of a sidebar plugin, IMO. Perhaps text-editing convenience tools should be in a separate one?

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I am using this purely for the scratchpad. So damn handy.

Thanks for the dark mode updates and resizing, am pretty happy with how it looks.

What i would personally prefer is more scratchpad features, so i can use it more like a paste bin.
maybe a button to copy all the text in the feild, or paste clipboard into feild, or having the option for multiple text feilds in the scratchpad.

Thanks again, one of my fav plugins

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After using this plugin for the past five weeks, the only thing I wish it had were a table of contents. If it had an option for a panel that listed each H1, H2, and H3 and scroll them on click, this would be damn near a perfect plugin for me.

I know there are some table contents things that exist already, but I use Rich Markdown and don't show the rendered Markdown view. Thus, all plugins that rely on the rendered view (and there are quite a few!) are useless to me.

From left to right, my setup is: notebook list, note list, Markdown editor, DDDot. Having a table of contents in DDDot would be amazing.

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i only use rich editor, and am using the 'outline' plugin which works very well as a TOC.
it auto generates the links from h1,h2,h3 in the note you are in, so you dont have to paste any markdown stuff anywhere.
i have it nested under the note list, and i couldn't recommend it highly enough
this is what mine looks like

here is the OUTLINE plugin i am using


It is glad to hear that you like this plugin.

maybe a button to copy all the text in the feil,or paste clipboard into feild

sounds interesting. I would like to support those features but probably will not be available on next release.

or having the option for multiple text feilds in the scratchpad.

How will you use this feature?

if i need to quickly copy several separate strings of information , that i would then later use to be pasted verbatim into another note / document / text-feild.

that is more or less how i am using it now, and having a button to copy / paste / clear would save a few clicks .

I also use the scratchpad for writing things down as they come to mind as it is often easier than creating a new note.

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