New to Joplin

Hello everyone, I am new to Joplin and excited to use it. I previously used Notion, but wanted to try something new.

Any tips and extensions I can use to help make Joplin better will be greatly appreciated.


Once comfortable with the basic workings of Joplin, try:

From the menu navigate to tools options Tools > Options > Plugins

There are many excellent plugins, such as, Embed Search, Favorites, Note Tabs, Outline, Rich Markdown, Simple Backup, etc

You can see a list of plugins here

Thank you for this! I am truly loving it.

Hello! I've used Notion before too. I still use it a little for certain purposes.

I think Joplin is very strong on its own. I don't like to overcomplicate things too much, so I only use the Rich Markdown plugin and, a little more recently, the "Note list and sidebar toggle buttons" plugin.