Renaming internal note links when renaming note?

Hi, new user here. I'm enjoying Joplin a lot, but there is one thing I was wondering about. Is there a way to automatically update internal note link names when you rename the actual note they link to? I wasn't able to find any setting/plugin for something like this.

For example, if I have a note called "Note A" and I link to to, then the link title will be "Note A". But when I change the note name to "Note B" then the link title remains "Note A".


Version 1.8.5 on Windows 10.


Nope, there isn't. This is not a wiki which keeps track of links in a separate table.

However, there might be a way, but I need to think about it.

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A plugin could do this by scanning the notes at regular intervals.

Yep, I wanted to keep that on the down-low until I figure out how to do this:

There are a few options:

  • click a button, fix the titles in the current note
  • check the current note (as soon as you switch to it) and fix the titles
  • create a plugin for the backlinks plugin, which then goes to all the source notes and fixes them

I was thinking about implementing the first item on the weekend. I'm not too keen on running a timer and fix all notes. I'd rather have the possibility to trigger a function when switching to a note. But as a first step a manual button/menuitem should do.


After they're all in sync, perhaps manually, then just a trigger on name change would be simplest?

I don't think there's currently a hook we can use.

Other than that, the solution you just suggested is the most complex one, because you have to backtrack from where a note is linked. Then you have to fix all those notes.
This might be better suited for the Backlinks plugin.

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