Plugin Idea: Save Tweet in note

Hey, recently while browsing some tech Twitter I found out that many twitter threads are really useful. It would be great if we can save them in Joplin.

Approaches for Saving/Retrieving Tweets

  1. Clipping the tweet page and then refining it:

    • In this approach, we need to extract the needed info from the clipped page using Regex I guess.
    • Markdown page unlike simplified page has a lot of unnecessary data but also some useful one like twitter handle etc.
    • Personally, I would want account name (with link maybe?) only once at top of thread after clipping markdown page does provide it.
    • Someone may want it to look just like it looks on Twitter, for that we may put it around pre-specified HTML.
    • Maybe after clipping tweet/thread we can ask user if this is single tweet or thread?
    • HTML clipping doesn't look great for both a single tweet and thread.
  2. Twitter API can be used to retrieve tweets every time new tweets appear or manually with account to retrieve tweets from specified.

    • For organizing tweets some ideas are, making a new note for every tweet, making new folder for everyday retrieval of tweets

We can also combine both the approaches. These are just ideas I wanted to put out here.
As I am working on 'Filtering for plugins' feature and also have exams from next week, I may not be able to give enough time for this, so in the meantime if anyone else wanted to work on this feel free to.

There is a python script that does a similar thing: GitHub - jpmens/jopleet: Copy individual tweet status URLs into Joplin notes. I didn't try it, but could be useful. Of course, a plugin might be more convenient.

Thanks for letting us know.

Why not use the web clipper and the screenshot option ?

Web clipper can be used, but it contains a lot of unnecessary data other than tweet. As far as screenshot goes it would be good for single tweet but what about threads(list of tweets)?