Best way to import StackOverflow/StackExchange/AskUbuntu/… to Joplin notebook

What’s the best way to save a StackOverflow Page into my notes?
I tried webclipper, which doesn’t seem to keep proper formatting and it’s difficult to read especially if there are many comments on answers inbetween (I opened an issue on web-clipper regarding this but I’m not confident that anyone will fix this).

I don’t want to have a screenshot of the page because then I cannot search and edit properly in it.
Do you have any other solution that is working properly?

Thank you in advance!

Have you tried clipping the complete page as HTML? That should give you an exact copy of the stack overflow page.

Yes I did try the “Clip complete Page (HTML)” functionality.

However, the Joplin userstyles will interfere with the resulting HTML:
As you can see there’s the blue in the links, the regular text is in grey (so there’s a low contrast to the white background), there’s a weird blue “Stack Overflow” thingy in-between of the menu on the left side etc.

I tried it with this example (I’m not interested in this particular page, it’s really just an example).

Apart from that, I obviously don’t need or want to have elements like ads, the search, the menu, links like “add a comment”, “start a bounty”, the “The Overflow Blog” ,voting buttons, the recommendations / related links, “Hot Network Questions”, the Footer, the inputs at the bottom etc.

Or to put it differently: the result is full of clutter whereas I only need the essence.

It’s much easier just to use the regular functionality and remove the unneeded stuff from the markdown source, although it is still cumbersome in threads with much content.
The simplified page is varying in it’s quality. It will just take the first answer in this example (not even the question). But I would like to have the other answers as well.

Right, I see the issue now. I’m sorry but I can’t help. Anytime I need to take things from stackoverflow I just copy the answers I want manually and annotate them with my notes. I think Joplin uses the mozilla engine for simplifying notes (the one from reader mode on firefox), so I don’t think much can be done from this side (and I suspect nobody wants to re-write the engine). As an example I took a screenshot from that page in reader mode.

I hope someone else has a workflow or suggestion for you.
Good luck!

Thank you for being so responsive. I hope this, too. :wink:
Reader mode is pretty good, but there's obviously sill stuff around. I searched in the web for the issue and didn't find anything although I have the feeling that there's probably a solution somewhere.

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I personally use this workaround:

  • I create a new note with "Question" and "Answer" headings
  • To copy the question, I click on "improve this question" in the stackexchange page, just under the question itself: from the edit page you can copy the markdown source
  • I click on cancel because I actually have nothing to improve :rofl:
  • I repeat the procedure for the answers I'm interested in.

Attention: Images are displayed in Joplin but they are not downloaded

This is actually quite a clean idea but it also can be pretty time consuming.

However, @laurent just answered yesterday that it might be considerable that Joplin is getting a plugin for that case, once the plugin system is ready.