Plugin Idea: Bionic Reading

Just putting this out here in case anyone is looking for ideas.

Stumbled upon this cool tool that converts text in a way that you can read faster.

For people using Joplin to read long texts in their notes, this plugin would provide a button that converts the text into this bionic format.


I've seen this around a bit recently and I'm curious if people actually find it works for them? I tried it and it slowed me down as it kept dragging my focus away Like If You Try To Read Something With Leading Caps. It completely breaks the flow of reading for me.

I'm skeptical about this as well, although a plugin should indeed be possible.

Ironically I find their official website hard to read on desktop, since it's just giant paragraphs of poorly written text (English is not their first language) with very little structure. I've tried to search for research papers that back their method but couldn't find anything

Totally agree that there is not enough scientific evidence to support that bionic reading is better / faster.

But there are a lot of browser extensions / ebook & rss feed readers that offer this functionality for people that might want them.

If its on Joplin I might consider giving it a try :wink:

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