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Hi all, I´m new to Joplin and I really like it^^. Is there a way to realize music sheets (only text and chords)? f.i. song text and above the text there are the chords... I hope you know what I mean ... Thx and rgds

This plugin might work:

I'm unfamiliar with the syntax, but this example of ABC sheet music notation seems similar to text and chords.

Ah, thx. I will try this. But unfortunately when I install the plugin a message comes up that I first need to update my Joplin ... but there is no up update available ... hm

Please share the information in the About Joplin section of your app. On Windows go to Help > About Joplin and then click copy. Paste it here as a response.

Joplin 2.12.19 (prod, darwin)

Client ID: 5e500ba541dc479ba43bb929cd4d0f4e
Sync Version: 3
Profile Version: 43
Keychain Supported: Yes

Revision: 7081046

ABC Sheet Music Plugin: 1.0.3

OK, I'm on Joplin 2.13.5 (prod, win32) and the plugin works for me. Perhaps the way that you installed Joplin is causing it to not show an update available?

This post would fit better in the Support category, btw. Especially since it seems that your problem is an inability to upgrade Joplin. Might want to change the subject of the post.

maybe this info has a relevance: I´m on Mac OS 14.0. Updates work in general; I already received serveral updates

Ah, you may not be set to receive the pre-release notices.

I've seen plugin developers develop to the absolute latest release, so that may be what is happening here. The early releases are safe for your data, there just may be some bugs. Worst case scenario you just have to roll back to your current version.

So you may need to either wait till the latest release is officially published or try the per-release.

Hi whitewall. That's it^^, plugin works.

Thank you (all :wink: )

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Glad it's working!

hm... unbelievable ... the plugin can generate highly complex scores but not a simple output like

Am G
Hello darkness my old friend
I've come to talk with you again.


Are you sure it can't be done? The ABC notation is actually very flexible, so maybe it can be done somehow:

Also have a look at the plugin options in case something in there applies:

Indeed it is very very flexible, but this one doesn't work. seems like the reason is that words are always related to notes and not to chords etc. (that's my understanding :wink: ) ... It would help if I could use multiple blanks in Joplin like fgfgf(some white spaces)fgfgf, but in Joplin only fgfgf fgfgf seems to be possible

It does not work with blanks and with dots (see example). A line of dots will be decreased to ..., only one blank is possible between signs/words so this doesn't help to place the chord to the right word...
maybe there's a work around .... ?

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Hmm, I wonder if the abc plugin is the right tool for this? If you simply want to align text with chords, a simple table might work best?

How about aligning text with music notes? I didn't try but this quite common so it might be supported. Then you can add the chord over each bar. But again maybe it's more than what you need

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music notes are alway visible (and I would have to know them ;-)). Table might be I good idea, but that means one cell for each chord change (and the borders would be visible) ... uh... sounds not really funny.
I figure this out and if it does not work, I close this file. Thank you all for your support^^. Seem to be a great community here. Brgds, Michael

Check this out: abc notation - How to create simple sheet with chords and lyrics in ABC? - Music: Practice & Theory Stack Exchange


You could use 3 backticks like in code blocks which will set the text in a slight grey box.
Or by indenting every line with 4 spaces to generate unformatted tex, no grey box here.

The downside is that you get the words formatted in a fixed font.