ABC Sheet Music Plugin for Joplin

ABC Sheet Music Plugin for Joplin

This plugins renders ABC notation into sheet music. You create a fenced block with "abc" as identifier, and the content is rendered to a sheet music:


For example:


In Joplin, open the configuration screen, then under "Plugins" search for "ABC".

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You're really putting the Scott in Joplin


This looks awesome, but doesn't really work with dark themes.

It would look nice if the notes themselves were white (or using the regular text color) instead of a plain white background, but I don't know which one would be easier.

Good point. Making the notes white is likely to be difficult so I'll probably just force the background to be white.

I just played with html in my screenshot, editing <path d=" ... " stroke="none" fill="#000000" class=""></path> to fill="#FFFFFF", but I can understand real code isn't so easy...

Thanks for the new version, I can finally read the notes!

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