Plugin "favorites" for android app?


New to Joplin, as Im trying to get rid of Evernote since its become a constant thorne in my side, with its ugly and unproductive updates.

I am sorry if this has been asked before, but is there any word on getting the plugin to create and "favorite list" of specific notes in the android app?

I dont need much but shortcuts to the notes I use the most would be lovely. I found it for the PC version, and was so grateful the it even let me customize where to place the list.

But there's there's less of a point of creating favorites if they dont sync to my phone where I mostly read my notes.

Great app though, so pleased to find a clean well-functioning note-app that knows what it want to be, they way Evernote once was.

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Hello. I had a similar issue. Unfortunately, plugins don't work in the mobile version. Perhaps you can create a feature request for this. But for now, the best solution is to use tags. Tags are one of Joplin's best features. They synchronize seamlessly between mobile and PC. I started using this feature rather late, but now I have 300 organized tags.

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Another workaround is creating a dedicated notebook for favorite notes. You can "pin" it at the top by prepending the title with punctuation. For example: _title, .title, etc.

Otherwise, keep an eye on the mobile plugin support thread. I tried the Favorites plugin with the plugin-enabled Android APK from that thread. I could access the panel but haven't found any way to add notes to it.


Thanks guys.

I will try these. I really hope for plugins for android soon. Have you heard anything about it?
Thanks again.

Please view the thread I linked in my previous reply. It discusses Android plugin developments and how to test plugins in a separate Android beta app.

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