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Please accept $XNO (Nano) donations

Have been using Joplin since 2+ years and loving it. Would like to donate Aegis using Nano (http://nano.org/). Please allow me to!

It is as simple as installing Natrium Wallet and pasting the address at Github. Just like how LibreTorrent , Aegis and others are doing at their donations tab.


I'm all for alternative payment methods if it enables unbanked people etc to contribute.
But Nano has a marketcap of 3% at the moment.
Why not go for Bitcoin instead, if cryptocurrency is desired?

Nano price today, XNO to USD live, marketcap and chart | CoinMarketCap

Bitcoin has transaction fee, which discourages small donations. More so, many hates Bitcoin due to its environmental issues.

Nano is instant, feeless and environment friendly, which is perfect for payments / donations. Its not just about cryptocurrency, but I do not see any other way thats better than Nano to donate. That's' the reason.

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